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LPC BILLING PRIVILEGES                                     

Thanks to some of our astute MAPP readers, we have received some feedback related to the last newsletter:

Point 2, under LPC Billing Privileges, it was reported that LPCs would receive 80% of the Master Level reimbursement.  Several LLPs who are in the process of applying for the LPC billing for BCBS have obtained the reimbursement schedule, and ALL master-level professionals receive 80% of the fee for Licensed Psychologists –LPC, MSW, etc., all receive the same reimbursement.  

Some other questions have been raised as well, and if anyone has feedback or information about these,

please contact the MAPP office:

  1. Will LPCs be reimbursed for testing?  

  2. Can someone with the LPC billing PIN number go back to their LLP/supervision billing for testing?

  3. When LLPs get their independent licensing and subsequently their BCBS billing PIN numbers, can the LPC (who also holds the LLP) switch back to the LLP?

Thanks so much for helping us with these questions.  We are sure there will be more as the process continues.  

MAPP Board of Directors