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Work has started on the new bill for Independent Practice and Advertising freedom! 

The bad news: we encountered totally unexpected sabotage in the House Committee last year.  We did everything right (sent letters and emails and calls), but it didn’t faze the chairperson.  No one can predict this sort of thing. So the bill “died” at the end of the term, 2014.

The good news:  WE HEAR YOU!!!  (And thanks for all your input!)
We will resubmit the bill for 2015-2016 term and before it is submitted, we have made some changes such as: 

The Title will be changed!  The outcry about “associate” was heard and we are listening and have researched alternatives and MPA and MAPP are looking at a new title.  It will be announced when the bill is submitted. 

The clarification of the 6000 hours!  The First year (2000 hours) will be the “T” year.  The next two years (4000 hours) will be served as a Level I—which will function just like LLPs function now—practice and bill under supervision.  When these hours are done, and the test is passed, then we move to Level II—Independent Practice and advertising freedom.  We are waiting to see if this breakdown will be allowed in the bill or if the “clearing house” that reviews legislative language may require it to be in the rules instead.  (The rules will flesh out the details of the statute by the Board of Psychology committee within 8 months of the signing of the bill).
MAPP once again owes a debt of gratitude to MPA for their unwavering dedication to support for our independent practice bill.  They have also carried the cost of the lobbyist for the past three years.  Because we did not expect to have to start again in 2015, they have asked us to help with the financial cost of the lobbyist.  Please know:  The lobbyist is a very experienced person working in the Michigan legislature for over 20 years, and has a knowledgeable pulse on how to get things done. It seems only fair to help with this cost, and MAPP will be contacting you soon about a fundraiser.  

What can you do?  It needs to be said again and again, we need your membership to keep the organization running.  You can download the form on our new website (another cost!), and encourage others to join as well.  MAPP is fighting to benefit  ALL LLPs in Michigan.  If we work and stand together with our time and treasure, we will succeed.  Your membership information puts you on the email list to receive the information about the bill, what to do and when, so you can be part of the on-going process!  

Consider the following questions:
Have you been passed over for a job you were qualified to do but the supervision issue was a strike against you? 
Have you been denied paneling by a major insurance company because your LLP requires supervision?
Is your income thousands of dollars less because you are required to be supervised—have to pay for supervision, and often getting a “cut” of your incoming payments to the supervising person or clinic?
Do you feel like your right to practice and represent yourself in the marketplace is infringed?
If you are an MA student studying for an LLP, do you really understand the legal limitations of the current law and why it needs to be changed?

The only way to correct this unacceptable situation is to change the State Law.


If you have been a member for at least two years, we have an opening for one more member of the Board of Directors for MAPP.  Don’t be shy.  Contact the MAPP office.  We need someone with enthusiasm and passion for standing up for LLPs. 


Have you read anything recently that would be of interest to LLPs?  Would youlike to submit a review that we can publish in this newsletter?  Or have you 
published something recently?  Send it to MAPP.


Are you aware of any conferences that would be interest to LLPs and might like to advertise it on our website?  Contact the MAPP office.

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