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Two notes of “administrative” information: 
First of all: many of you have spoken to our faithful and excellent Administrative Assistant, Dorothy.  She has had some health issues recently and has not been able to be in the MAPP office as often as usual.  You may have called and not received a call back in the last couple weeks.  We will catch up on your calls soon.

Second: we have changed our banking and credit card carrier.  If you have sent in membership dues, they will be processed soon. 

We have been receiving calls about “When will the bill be passed????”  How we wish we could answer this definitively.  The Board knows all that is happening “behind the scenes” but you don’t, and that somewhat leaves you “in the dark” and wondering.  When this process has gone on for what feels like forever, it is difficult to encourage you when you may feel discouraged. 

This whole 10-year process has been a huge learning curve for MAPP, from the beginning of the negotiations to the first bill written in 2011.  MAPP has never been involved in legislation before to the level of having a bill written.  Our colleagues from MPA who have been spearheading this process have had much experience, and they understand the glitches and waiting involved.  But this is new to us and to you.  It is such a process of ups and downs, hurry up and wait, new problem (really?), unexpected politics, now do this, now do that, etc.  Both MAPP and MPA are fairly exhausted, but we are determined to see it through.

Right now, we are waiting for the committee that puts bills into legislative language to complete their work.  When a bill is submitted for writing, it can take a week or months depending on how many bills they have on their desk.  Remember, over 2000 bills get submitted every year.  Then we review it, and make sure it is accurate, and if not, need to resubmit it for editing.  One of these days we will be contacted, “It’s ready.”  

PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE.  A big thank you to all who have hung in with us so far and have continued to pay your memberships, send legislative donations, recruit new members, and sent us encouragement.  Can’t tell you how much this means.  It takes finances and foot work to get this job done (and we all have day jobs!). 


We have already secured a place to have a town hall so that when the bill is submitted, we can invite you to join together and review the bill line by line.  We want to do this as soon as possible when the bill is available.      KEEP POSTED.

Yea!! We have two new people whohave been interviewed and have graciously agreed to serve on the MAPP Board:

ROSS BECKLEY, PH.D., LLP, who comes to us from Clarkston. Ross is in private practice as well as Assistant Professor at Sienna Heights and South University.  His resume includes affiliations with five professional organizations, a long list of specialized training, and two publications.  Ross wants to help make MAPP more of a public presence, work with colleges that have LLP programs, and help with professional workshops.  Welcome, Ross!

PRISCILLA TAYLOR, MA, LLP, is in clinical practice in Muskegon (originally from Ferndale).  She works with children and families.  Priscilla has a history of program development, training, and serving on regional committees dealing with mental health.  Her community involvement gives her a wide network of contacts over the years.  She looks forward to working with MAPP on the legislative process, particularly bringing her clinical experiences to establishing the rules once the bill is passed, and to help with insurance issues.  Welcome, Priscilla!

Both of these excellent people have great qualifications and experience and will no doubt enrich the functioning of MAPP!