The Michigan Association of Professional Psychologist's Goal is to represent the professional and business interests of all master-level licensed psychologists in the state of Michigan. We advocate for the professional recognition of those individuals, as well as promote parity with other mental health professionals. Our focus is to ensure that the people of Michigan receive the best quality of mental health services available

There are many reasons to join:

  • MAPP gives you a voice in Michigan Legislature
  • Referral network database
  • Internship resource bank
  • Newsletters which will inform you of clinical practice issues
  • Membership discount at MAPP annual conference
  • Membership enhances your professional credentialing
  • Liason with mental health professional organizations

What Does MAPP Do?

Legislative Action Committee

Protects and advances the positions of LLPs through legislation.

Membership Committee

Encourages all LLPs to be part of MAPP and increases MAPP's visibility throughout the state

Board of Directors

Meets monthly and coordinates all activities concerning LLPs, addresses the needs and concerns of LLPs, and publishes newsletters

Third Party Reimbursement Committee

Represents LLPs to secure insurance reimbursement.

Donate One Hour of Supervision Campaign

As the bill for 2015-2016 legislation term is getting ready for submission, we need to raise funds to pay for the lobbyist. We cannot do this without a lobbyist – and the one we have is terrific!

MPA has generously covered this for the past 3 years, and now we need to step up and contribute. It takes money to get a bill passed. There is no getting around it! Here is an important way you can help! And don’t hesitate to share this with the other LLPs!

What do you pay for one hour of supervision??? Would you be willing to donate that amount with the prospect of never being required to pay supervision again? Please fill out the form and submit.

Click here to download the Supervision Campaign